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About Us

It all started with wanting to create something better.

College friends Bret Fairbanks and Trace Power knew that there was a better way for physical therapy.  They were tired of working in clinics that were founded on numbers, "see as many patients as you can", and not concerned with individual attention and meeting the patient's goals.   They knew that they could create something better for physical therapy--  individual, quality care in a fun, healing and relaxed environment.  An environment where the patient would get individual attention from the physical therapist each and every visit so that the knowledge and manual skills of the physical therapist would best benefit the patient in reaching their goals.

After years of yearning, months of deliberation and endless days of counting their pennies, Bret and Trace opened the doors of their first physical therapy clinic in March 2004, PacificPro Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Irvine.  In 2006 they purchased FIRST Rehabilitation (now PacificPro) in Hemet, in 2012 they opened PacificPro Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Laguna Hills, in 2019 they opened two clinics in Murrieta, and in 2020 they opened in Temecula.

Our Approach

Our Mission

To be the premier provider of quality physical therapy in a fun, positive, professional and compassionate environment.

Our Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy centers on the fact that the body is a complete functional system, and not just a collection of individual parts functioning independently of each other.  As part of our treatment plan, we strive to educate our clients to understand their injury, their recovery process, and how to prevent future injury.

Our Practice

We offer individualized treatment by experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable therapists.  Each client is provided with a thorough evaluation, is educated on the findings, and has the plan of care to achieve their personal goals explained to them. The plan of care will include hands-on manual therapy and a customized therapeutic exercise program specific to the goals of each patient.  We treat patients of all ages, with a myriad of injuries and movement dysfunctions, integrating current research in order to optimize each treatment outcome.  Most importantly, we treat our patients like family.

Our Story

Our Belief

Recovery isn't just physical -- it's personal.  You can count on us to be by your side every step of the way.  To support you. To motivate you.  And to see you walk out stronger than ever.  

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